The smart VetChip monitors animal health

Developed by veterinarians and researchers, the VetChip is a smart microchip which can be placed under the skin of dogs, cats, horses and other livestock, and features tiny sensors that report on an animal’s heart rate, temperature, respiratory rate, stress levels, location and activity, with the information relayed to the animals’ owners or veterinary staff via a smartphone app.


The VetChip has been named a winner at this year’s Curtinnovation Awards run by Curtin University, which celebrates outstanding research that offers real-world solutions. “This smart microchip is believed to be the first of its kind in the world and will offer pet owners and veterinary staff vital, real-time health information about their beloved animals through the use of a smartphone app. Crucially, this app will help animal owners detect abnormal health parameters and generate warning alerts, resulting in quicker responses and better health outcomes for the animals” said Professor Chris Moran, Curtin University Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research. Read more