Understanding Facebook Access Levels

Facebook introduced a new Pages experience back in early 2021, gradually replacing the classic page experience. Many of you might still be more familiar with the old Facebook page structure and access levels, and this change might have initially caused confusion. While the platform is constantly evolving, it’s essential for you to understand these changes, whether you plan to work with an external agency like PetPack or hire someone internally.


New Access Levels


  1. Facebook Access: People with Facebook access can switch into the page or manage it with tools like Business Suite or Creator Studio.
  2. Task Access: People with task access can’t switch into the page on Facebook but can manage it in Business Suite.
  3. Business Accounts Access: Business accounts have access to the page via Business Manager, where they can delegate people to manage the page.


Old Access Levels


The new Pages experience has made significant changes compared to the classic Page roles. If you were accustomed to the old structure, this transition might have seemed challenging. While the details of the old access levels are not elaborated here, you can refer to the official Facebook guide to compare and get a better understanding of what the change looks like now.


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