Vet nurses are pet owners’ companions in compassion

A greater understanding of the important role veterinary nurses hold in practice is required by the pet owners, a new study has found. Veterinarian and researcher, Dr Anne Quain, highlighted the issue as part of her study into the risk factors associated with the increase in ethically challenging situations encountered by veterinary team members during the COVID-19 pandemic.


“During the pandemic, veterinary nurses often interacted directly with members of the public, explaining COVID-19 safety protocols, asking people to check in and wear a mask, and acting as intermediaries between veterinarians and clients, all while wearing awkward personal protective equipment,” explained Dr Quain in an article for the Northern Beaches Review.


“Unfortunately, during this period, veterinary nurses copped a lot of undeserved abuse. Our research findings highlight a need to support these often unsung members of the veterinary team. One of the things we can do is acknowledge their expertise, and recognise the critical importance of their work.” Read more